JINR Interregional Computer School starts

Education, 30 July 2021

On 1 August, the 33rd Interregional Computer School named after V. Volokitin and E. Shirkova (ICS-2021) will start. This year, the major site for the School is the JINR Universal Public Library.

Selected school students will perform research and engineering projects. Organizers offer the following topics: autonomous car 2021, unexplored paths, vacuum gun, and mega-brain. At the beginning of the School, there will be an entrance test to form project groups. Moreover, special courses, educational and entertainment programmes will be available for participants.

The School will last until 13 August and will be concluded with a report conference.

The ICS is a children’s research camp where a group of people (as a rule, teachers with high experience of University work) implements an approach to education different from the common school curriculum. Organizers do not provide answers but build the educational project in the format of research.

There is no strict curriculum and student books. The project, like any real research, may be changed at any moment if necessary.