JINR Operational Headquarters informs

Organization, 30 August 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the current high-alert regime in the Moscow region, we hereby inform you of the following on behalf of the JINR Director.

  1. The high-alert regime introduced since 13.03.2020 in the Moscow region is maintained, and the following requirements imposed by the Decree of the Governor of the Moscow region No. 108-ПГ are in effect:

    – mandatory mask regime while being in public places (including in all retail facilities, pharmacies, public transport, including transportation of passengers and luggage by order, taxi, railway transport, railway stations, walkways, bridges and tunnels, all enterprises continuing work, public places of apartment buildings, medical organizations);
    – keeping a 1,5-meter distance is obligatory (social distancing), including in public places and transport, except for transportation of passengers and luggage by taxi;
    – self-isolation regime is obligatory for citizens infected with COVID-19 and people living with them, for citizens returning from foreign countries by export flights, as well as citizens suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or with symptoms of SARS and other acute respiratory diseases;
    – operation of retail facilities, objects for services and public gathering is limited;
    – public, sports, cultural, entertainment and other public events are forbidden, including in buildings and premises inside them, except for particular cases.
  2. According to the JINR Order No. 296 of 12.06.20, social distancing of employees and the use of personal respiratory protection equipment (masks, respirators) are obligatory while being at workplaces, in buildings and in the JINR territory, when using official transport, except in cases when an employee is in a separate room or in an official transport without other persons. On the basis of this Order and the Decree of the Governor of the Moscow Region No. 108-ПГ of 12.03.2020, access to buildings of the Institute is only available for persons (employees and third-party visitors) using personal respiratory equipment. In case a person does not use this equipment, access to the Institute may be forbidden.
  3. Periodic testing for the coronavirus infection imposed by the JINR Order No. 296 of 12.06.2020 is obligatory for all the employees, including heads of structural divisions. In this regard, an employee does not have the right to refuse to be tested if this staff member is included in a list of employees invited to the test.
  4. Conferences, round tables, symposiums, exhibitions with personal attendance are possible with a simultaneous number of participants no more than 50 per cent of the total capacity of the venue and in case all the conditions imposed by MP 3.1/2.1.0198-20. 3.1 are observed. Prevention of infectious diseases. 2.1. Communal hygiene. Recommendations for measures aimed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) when implementing congress and exhibition activities. Methodical recommendations approved by the Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation on 26.06.2020.
  5. According to the JINR Order No. 462 of 25.08.2020, the working regime prescribed by the Internal code of labour conduct of JINR and labour contracts of employees over 65, as well as employees with certain diseases, who have been put on the self-isolation regime on the basis of the Decree of the Governor of the Moscow Region No.108-ПГ of 12.03.2020, may be resumed from 24.08.2020.
  6. Basing on the JINR Order No. 462 of 25.08.2020, up to 01.10.2020, heads of structural divisions are allowed to optimize the number of employees engaged in work in the workplaces with the possibility of transfer of some employees to the remote working regime (or maintenance of such a regime), setting (maintenance) of flexible working hours or part-time working regime of some employees.

JINR Chief Engineer B. N. Gikal

Head of the JINR Operational Headquarters, JINR Director Assistant G. D. Shirkov