JINR participating in socially significant urban project

News, 28 April 2022

On 26 April, the opening of the palliative care unit took place in Dubna Medical Unit No.9 of the FMBA of Russia. The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research took an active part in the creation of that unit helping with repairs and room equipment. JINR Scientific Leader Academician Victor Matveev, as well as a number of representatives of the Institute’s management, took part in the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the opening of the new unit of the Medical Unit No.9 of the FMBA of Russia Victor Matveev noted high social demand for this initiative and thanked doctors. “This unit is designed to provide people with careful and at the same time necessary assistance. We express our cordial gratitude to medical workers, staff of the Medical Unit No.9, who will provide this assistance,” he said.

On behalf of the Medical Unit No.9, Acting Head Irina Larionova thanked JINR for the support. Among the opening gifts received from city enterprises, there was a portable massage table from JINR, which can be placed in any ward of the unit.

In the round-the-clock hospital of the palliative unit, doctors will provide palliative care, relieve pain syndrome, consequences of COVID-19, as well as ensure the necessary care for cancer patients, the disabled, and the elderly. Irina Larionova explained that medical indications and status of a palliative care patient were necessary for hospitalisation.

At the opening ceremony of the unit, staff of the Medical Unit No.9 were awarded letters of thanks for selfless work and provision of high-quality professional medical care to patients.

The unit has currently 15 beds, and it is planned to increase their number in the future. The wards of the unit are equipped with modern equipment and everything necessary for treatment. In the unit, patients spend 14 days and more. Treatment is free funded by the federal budget. Palliative (supportive) care is a whole range of measures combining medical, psychological, and social assistance. Specialists of the unit work out treatment tactics that ensures relief of the physical and emotional state of the patient. Not only Dubna residents can be patients of the palliative unit but also people from other cities and regions.