JINR Postdoctoral Programme: Call for applications

News, 05 May 2019

JINR Distinguished Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme

Сall for applications


The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is seeking for outstanding postdoctoral fellows and announces a call for applications for a number of vacant scientific research positions. The new positions are opened within a special Programme aimed at reinforcing the scientific personnel involved in realization of the JINR top-priority projects in the fields of theoretical and experimental physics of elementary particles, relativistic heavy-ion physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, and radiobiology.

The Programme facilitates an opportunity for early-stage researchers pursuing science and engineering topics to be exposed and get involved in the forefront international projects in science and technical advancements at JINR Dubna. Detailed information about the Institute can be found at the JINR web site www.jinr.ru.


The successful applicant is expected to have experience and a solid background in nuclear or particle physics, or in a closely related field (including a recent PhD degree).

The successful applicant should be able to work well in an international environment, such as large multinational collaborations. The applicant will also be expected to take on responsibilities with the experiments and the analysis work and should be able to work, when needed, independently.

The original appointment will be for up to three years. The stipend will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Activities and Work Context

The Programme will allow maximizing the benefit by exploiting at best the research and training opportunities created by the JINR projects. This includes a broad range of topics such as neutrino and nuclear physics, biophysics, material research (including nano), high-performance computing, accelerator technology, superconducting magnets, theory.

Closing Date

The review of applications will begin on 01.09.2019 and will continue until the opportunities are filled.

Please circulate this information to any colleagues you may feel could be interested.

Further details for applications are made via the employment platforms of JINR Laboratories for respective vacancies:

Vacant positions within the Programme

Accelerator physics and technologies 1 positions http://lhep.jinr.ru
Radiobiology 1 position http://lrb.jinr.ru
Neutron physics 0 positions http://flnph.jinr.ru
Neutrino physics and Astrophysics 5 positions http://dlnp.jinr.ru
Theoretical physics 2 positions http://theor.jinr.ru/