JINR Prizes for 2016

News, 28 February 2017

I. Theoretical Physics Research

First Prize

«Cluster approach for describing nuclear fission».
Authors: H. Pasca, G. Adamian, A. Andreev, N. Antonenko, R. Jolos, A. Nasirov, T. Shneidman.

Second Prizes

  1. «Conformal anomalies, quantum entanglement, boundaries, and distributional geometry».
    Author: D. Fursaev.
  2. «Is it possible to discover a dark matter particle with an accelerator?»
    Author: V. Bednyakov.

II. Experimental Physics Research

First Prizes

  1. «Magnetic phenomena in intermetallic compounds RCo2: studies of the limits of the itinerant electron metamagnetism concept».
    Authors: D. Kozlenko, E. Lukin, S. Kichanov, A. Rutkauskas, B. Savenko, E. Burzo, P. Vlaic, Dang Ngoac Toan.
  2. «Investigation of the spontaneous fission properties of short-lived isotopes of transfermium elements».
    Authors: A. Svirikhin, A. Yeremin, A. Popeko, O. Malyshev, V. Chepigin, A. Isaev, M. Chelnokov, E. Sokol, A. Andreev, Yu. Popov.

Second Prize

«Investigations of hadronic hydrogen-like atoms in the DIRAC experiment».
Authors: L. Afanasiev, O. Gorchakov, K. Gritsai, M. Zhabitsky, V. Kruglov, L. Kruglova, A. Kulikov, R. Lednický, L. Nemenov, M. Nikitin.

III. Physics Instruments and Methods

First Prize

«Investigation of exotic radioactive decays using vertex method: project EXPERT».
Authors: A. Bezbakh, A. Gorshkov, L. Grigorenko, G. Kaminski, S. Krupko, I. Mukha, M. Pfutzner, R. Slepnev, A. Fomichev, V. Chudoba.

Second Prize

«Construction and commissioning of the heavy-ion linear accelerator of the NICA injection complex».
Authors: А. Butenko, А. Govorov, D. Donets, V. Kobets, K. Levterov, V. Monchinsky, A. Sidorin, U. Ratzinger, G. Trubnikov, H. Höltermann.

IV. Applied Physics Research

First Prize

«Reduction of radiation damage in biological objects by means of laser radiation».
Authors: K. Voskanyan, G. Mitsyn, V. Gaevsky.

Second Prize

«Neutron activation analysis for ecological state assessment of coastal ecosystems of the Black Sea».
Authors: A. Kravtsova, P. Nekhoroshkov, M. Frontasyeva, I. Zinicovscaia, N. Yushin, O. Bunkova, I. Stukolova, A. Yakovlev, A. Kamnev.

V. Encouraging Prizes

  1. «Physics research of the JINR group in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider».
    Authors: V. Bednyakov, I. Eletskikh, M. Chizhov, E. Khramov, L. Gladilin, V. Lyubushkin, Yu. Kulchitsky, E. Plotnikova, P. Tereshko.
  2. «Peculiarity of nuclear reaction mechanism by weakly bound light nuclei».
    Authors: S. Lukyanov, Yu. Sobolev, A. Denikin, V. Maslov, M. Naumenko, Yu. Penionzhkevich, V. Samarin, N. Skobelev, A. Kugler, J. Mrazek.
  3. «Investigation of the deeply subcritical target assembly QUINTA consisting of 512 kg natural uranium irradiated by deuterons at an energy range from 1 to 8 GeV at the JINR Nuclotron».
    Authors: V. Furman, N. Gundorin, J. Adam, A. Baldin, A. Berlev, A. Solnyshkin, S. Tyutyunnikov, V. Voronko, L. Zavorka, V. Chilap.

JINR prizes are awarded for outstanding experimental, methodological and applied research on JINR scientific themes. Research papers should correspond to the world science level and should be completed in the current year. Annually 11 people including a secretary are appointed as a jury by the JINR Directorate to consider presented research papers. The jury consists of representatives of the JINR Directorate and leading scientists. Decision on award of JINR prizes becomes operative after confirmation given by the JINR Scientific Council during its winter session.

  Regulation for JINR prizes (Rus)