JINR Prizes for 2018

News, 26 February 2019


I. Theoretical Physics Research

First Prizes

  1. “Multidimensional supersymmetric machanics, Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde equation and its generalization”.
    Authors: S. Krivonos, O. Lechtenfeld, A. Sutulin.
  2. “Vortical excitations in nuclei”.
    Authors: J. Kvasil, W. Kleinig, V. Nesterenko, P.-G. Reinhard, A. Repko.

Second Prize

“Description of low-energy meson production at colliding e+e- beams and in decays of tau leptons within the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model”.
Authors: M. Volkov, A. Arbuzov, A. Pivovarov, K. Nurlan.

II. Experimental Physics Research

First Prizes

  1. “Study of pp-chain solar neutrino properties with the Borexino detector”.
    Authors: A. Vishneva, O. Smirnov, A. Sotnikov.
  2. “Correlation of structure and physical properties in ordered iron-based alloys”.
    Authors: A. Balagurov, I. Bobrikov, S. Sumnikov, I. Golovin, V. Palacheva.

Second Prize

“Manifestation of the cluster structure of 9Ве nuclei in the mechanism of their interaction”.
Authors: S. Lukyanov, A. Denikin, V. Maslov, M. Naumenko, Yu. Penionzhkevich, J. Mrazek, W. Trzaska, K. Mendibaev, N. Skobelev, Yu. Sobolev.

III. Physics Instruments and Methods

First Prize

“ACCULINNA-2 project: the physics case and technical challenges”.
Authors: A. Bezbakh, L. Grigorenko, M. Golovkov, A. Gorshkov, S. Krupko, S. Sidorchuk, S. Stepantsov, G. Ter-Akopian, A. Fomichev, P. Sharov.

IV. Applied Physics Research

First Prize

“Structure and properties of aqueous solutions of C60 and C70 fullerenes for biological applications”.
Authors: E. Kyzyma, V. Petrenko, O. Ivankov, M. Avdeev, V. Aksenov, L. Bulavin, Yu. Prylutskyy.

Second Prize

“Determination of the elemental content of Moldavian wines and soils by neutron activation analysis”.
Authors: I. Zinicovscaia, O. Culicov, M. Frontasyeva, S. Gundorina, O. Duliu, R. Sturza.

V. Encouraging prizes

  1. “Symmetry effects in quantum dots”.
    Authors: R. Nazmitdinov, M. Dineykhan, N. Simonović, A. Puente.
  2. “Study of the structure of a proton in hard p-p processes of production of prompt photons or vector bosons accompanied by heavy jets”.
    Authors: V. Bednyakov, S. Brodsky, G. Lykasov, A. Lipatov, J. Smiesko, S. Tokar.
  3. “Discovery and prospects of investigation of transitional dynamics in three-body decays of exotic nuclei”.
    Authors: T. Golubkova, L. Grigorenko, M. Zhukov, P. Sharov.
  4. “Position-sensitive twin ionization chamber for nuclear fission investigations”.
    Authors: Sh. Zeynalov, P. Sedyshev, O. Sidorova, V. Shvetsov, L. Svetov.

JINR prizes are awarded for outstanding experimental, methodological and applied research on JINR scientific themes. Research papers should correspond to the world science level and should be completed in the current year. Annually 11 people including a secretary are appointed as a jury by the JINR Directorate to consider presented research papers. The jury consists of representatives of the JINR Directorate and leading scientists. The decision on the award of JINR prizes becomes operative after confirmation given by the JINR Scientific Council during its winter session.

  Regulation for JINR prizes (Rus)