“Radiation protection of high energy accelerators”

Publications, 27 May 2022

The JINR Publishing Department has published a new book by Gennady Timoshenko “Radiation protection of high energy accelerators”.

The book reveals the main issues related to the specifics of the formation of ionizing radiation fields at high energy proton and heavy ion accelerators, activation of equipment, refrigerants, air and protection, development of radiation monitoring tools, etc. The material offered to the reader is based on modern physical concepts and methods, and, for example, the results of forecasting the radiation situation at the NICA accelerator complex being created at JINR are given.
The book is for trained engineers and scientists specialising in the physics of protection and radiation safety on high-energy accelerators of charged particles.

Dubna: JINR, 2022. — 111 p.
ISBN 978-5-9530-0570-8

   Download pdf (17.7 MB)

We shall remind that at the end of last year JINR received a patent for the device used for modelling mixed radiation fields at high-energy heavy-ion beams for the purposes of experimental radiobiology. The author of the published book Gennady Timoshenko is one of the authors of the invention. In fact, the invention implies the creation of a simulator of the mixed radiation field inside a spacecraft in earth conditions. Particles of galactic space radiation form this field during flights in deep space.

Fig. 1. Schematic construction of rotating converter with 4 targets for producing iron nuclei fragments behind simulator as parts of secondary mixed radiation. Wide 56Fe beam with energy of 1 GeV/n drops on simulator