JINR received a new patent

Patents, 06 June 2018

The Licensing and Intellectual Property Department of JINR announces that on 16 March 2018, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received a patent for the invention “Method of multi-turn injection of charged particles into cyclic accelerator”. The author of the work is Dolbilov Gennadij Varlamovich.

JINR staff congratulates the author on receiving the patent for his invention!

More details about the invention

Invention relates to acceleration engineering and can be used in cyclic accelerators. Method of multi-turn injection of charged particles into a cyclic accelerator lies in the fact that particles are preliminarily injected into the magnetic fields of two multipolar injection dipolesfor introduction of particles into the linear portion of the accelerator’s orbit. Using the fields of these dipoles, the particles are introduced into an equilibrium orbit and accelerated in an equilibrium orbit, and before introducing the particles to the second and subsequent turns, the particles are deflected by magnetic fields of two additional multipolar dipoles, in which the accelerated particles, bypassing the input device of the beam into the system, are again injected into magnetic fields of injection multipolar dipoles that bring the particles to the equilibrium orbit of the accelerator where their accumulation takes place.

EFFECT: technical result is an increase in the intensity and a decrease in the radial phase volume of the accumulated beam of charged particles in a cyclic accelerator.

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