JINR Universal Public Library: Announcement

News, 28 August 2018

The Blokhintsev Universal Public Library of JINR will be closed from 1 September 2018 for repairs.

Staff members of the Library report: “From 1 September, getting and lending books will be stopped for the indefinite time. Please, provide yourself with books! We understand that the repairs will bring the greatest inconveniences to children, and especially to school students. We will do everything possible to make it possible for the children department to lend at least programme literature to the readers. Before going to the Library, please call 216-64-37 or 216-61-25 to get the latest news.

We will keep the communities, gathering in the library, working as much as possible. To do this, we negotiate with friendly sites that are ready to shelter our projects for the time of repairing works. It is already known that Kurilka Gutenberga, Pochitaika and VIPs (meetings for those who have grown out of Pochitaika) will be held in the JINR Museum, while the Literature Club will move to the “Konditerskoe” cafe”.