JINR Women’s Committee started its work

News, 05 March 2022

The first in-person meeting of the JINR Women’s Committee with the participation of Director of the Institute Grigory Trubnikov was held on the eve of 8 March. At the meeting, participants discussed the tasks and plans of the committee for immediate and long-term perspective. They made suggestions on the directions of its activities. Moreover, the first events under the auspices of the Committee were scheduled. The first event will take place on 10 March.

In January 2022, Director signed an order to establish the JINR Women’s Committee. It held the first organizational meeting in February. Employees of a number of laboratories – DLNP, VBLHEP, FLNP, LIT, and departments of the Institute – the JINR Director Office, the International Cooperation Department, the Department of Science Organization Activities, the Property Complex Development Department, and the Social Infrastructure Management have become members of the Committee. Representatives of Romanian, Polish, and Kazakhstani national groups have joined the membership of the Women’s Committee.

First of all, the Women’s Committee is meant to assist the Institute’s Directorate in solving tasks of supporting women in science. The main goal here is to ensure working hours of JINR employees in such a way as to contribute to the full development of their creative potential, scientific growth, and promotion. Besides, the Committee intends to develop a comfortable social environment for all the staff members of the Institute. The Committee has established the creation of Groups of short stay for JINR staff members’ children one of its prime objectives. Committee members have agreed to organize a number of educational programmes and courses of additional education, leisure groups, support for the participation of employees in socially significant projects and events, etc. The priority of the Women’s Committee is not only the support of young parents with children but also the creation of various projects involving staff members of different ages from all the laboratories and departments of the Institute. The organization of physical health groups is the first initiative in this direction.

Several events have been already planned as the next steps in March. For example, a meeting with psychologist will be organized on 10 March, taking into account the difficult situation in the world. Staff members of JINR will have an opportunity to ask questions and talk with a specialist in a group format, or, on request, at an individual meeting. On 13 March, the Blokhinka Library will host a Fair of JINR Craftsmen “Meeting spring together”. Organizers expect JINR staff members keen on handicrafts to demonstrate the results of their creative work, share their experience, and provide workshops for visitors. On 24 March, Blokhinka will also host a musical creativity evening of JINR employees with the participation of soloists and musical bands of our Institute. All these events are intended, above all, to give the basis for the development of human contacts. They allow employees to feel like a big and friendly international family not only at work but also in everyday life.

The JINR Women’s Committee invites active and interested employees to send their suggestions to women@jinr.ru.

Chairman Elena Badawy speaks more about the plans and tasks of the Women’s Committee in the next issue of the newspaper “Dubna: science, community, progress”.