Joint Meeting of Programme Advisory Committees for Particle Physics and for Nuclear Physics

Organization, 19 January 2021

On 21 January, a joint meeting of the Programme Advisory Committees for Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics will be held online. Co-chairs of the meeting will be M. Lewitowicz and I. Tserruya. JINR Director Academician G. V. Trubnikov will open the event.

Participants of the meeting will consider some reports on the projects from the theme “Non-Accelerator Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics” and proposals for their extension. K. N. Gusev will present the GERDA (LEGEND) project on the search for the neutrinoless double beta decay of 76Ge. V. I. Tretyak will introduce to the audience information about the status of investigations of the 2β-decay processes of 82Se with the SuperNEMO detector. Yu. A. Shitov will speak about work on the DANSS project: the detector of the reactor antineutrino based on solid state plastic scintillator. A. V. Lubashevskiy will report on the vGEN (GEMMA) project on the investigation of neutrino properties with the low-background germanium spectrometer νGEN. In conclusion, participants will consider the report by E. A. Yakushev on the joint project EDELWEISS/Ricochet aimed at direct dark matter search and precision study of CEνNS with new cryogenic detectors.

The adoption of recommendations will conclude the joint meeting.

  Programme of the joint meeting