Joint meeting of the JINR STC and the JINR Directorate


The joint meeting of the JINR Science and Technology Council and the JINR Directorate will be held on Thursday, 25 October 2018, in the International Conference Hall. The beginning of the meeting is set on 3:00 PM.


  1. Information of the Directorate
    Speaker: V.A. Matveev
  2. Information on establishing the Higher Engineering School at the “Dubna” University
    Speaker: D.V. Fursaev
  3. Regulations on admission of JINR nominative scholarship holders (post docs)
    Speaker: B.Yu. Sharkov
  4. Development of the concept of the JINR innovation activity
    Speakers: A.V. Ruzaev, A.E. Belomestnova
  5. Information about the “NAUKA 0+” Festival
    Speaker: A.A. Suschevich
  6. Support of nomination of D.I. Khubua as a member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia
    Speaker: N.A. Russakovich