Laboratory of Nuclear Problems for the Mu2e experiment

News, 25 June 2019

At the beginning of May, staff members of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems JINR Akram Artikov and David Chokheli returned from the University of Virginia where they spent several months arranging the production of pilot modules for the muon veto system and their testing before sending them to Fermilab.

According to the JINR Topical Plan, DLNP staff members actively participate in the Mu2e experiment that is included in the Fermilab muon programme. They carry out modelling of the calorimeter of the facility, conduct research and produce elements for the muon veto system and the calorimeter. It is worth mentioning that the stand for testing ready modules based on the cathode strip chambers, including chambers themselves, was developed by Akram Artikov and David Chokheli.

HMPRD staff members (J. Budagov, V. Glagolev, Yu. Davydov, A. Artikov, D. Chokheli, Yu. Harzheev, V. Baranov, A. Simonenko, I. Vasiliev, Z. Usubov) carried out research and managed to increase light collection from counters for 40 % by pouring synthetic rubber into the aperture for fibers. Moreover, they developed the technique for pouring five-meter long counters, conducted radiation tests of prepared samples at the FLNP reactor, developed a stand for testing ready veto modules using space muons, as well as a stand for testing scintillation 7 meters long counters with radioactive source, and, jointly with American colleagues, arranged the assembling process of modules for the veto system.

Following the materials of the article by V. V. Glagolev and A. M. Artikova