Latest issue of the JINR Weekly Newspaper #12, 17.04.20

News, 17 April 2020

From the editorial board of the JINR Weekly Newspaper

Dear readers!

Our newspaper will be issued in electronic format and published on the JINR website as and when articles are prepared. The frequency of publication has not been decided upon yet. We will inform you about the resumption of the printed version of the Newspaper as soon as it will become possible. For any suggestions and wishes about the issues you would like to read about in the Newspaper in the nearest future, or in case you would like to write about something by yourself, we remind you of the email address of the editorial board: Take care of yourself! Stay healthy!


  • New appointments in the JINR Directorate;
  • “Essays on modern particle physics”;
  • JINR grants for teachers;
  • For measurements in the DANSS project;
  • In search for new physics;
  • Multinucleon transfer reactions: return to the origins;
  • T2K experiment: new results of the study on the CP-symmetry violation using neutrino and antineutrino oscillations;
  • A. V. Kulikov turned 75;
  • AYSS: aid to people staying on quarantine;
  • Science on quarantine? We have a guest: the newspaper “Troitsky variant”

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