Latest issue of the JINR Weekly Newspaper #20, 11.06.20

News, 11 June 2020


  • 11th Session of the NICA Machine Advisory Committee;
  • Flipping through old pages: For the revival of Russia;
  • “Science Fest” Festival;
  • Strong bridge between Europe and Russia;
  • New methods of optical spectroscopy;
  • Flipping through old pages: Institute in 1992 and in the future;
  • SEZ “Dubna” summed up the results of 2019
  • Opening of the Square Park named after the 75th anniversary of Victory
  • COVID-19 will be treated with drugs produced by a resident of the SEZ “Dubna”
  • “Eyliton” for clinical laboratories
  • Some impressions about the coronavirus in the Czech Republic
  • Russia has developed a national standard for big data
  • About epidemiological situation in Dubna
  • Lyceum No. 6 won All-Russian review contest
  • Recultivation of a closed landfill in Dubna will be completed in December.

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