Leading scientists gave talks at AYSS-2020 conference

News, 16 November 2020

Last week, XXIV International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR (AYSS-2020) was held in the video conference format.

Within the framework of the Conference, leading scientists gave lectures on the recent theoretical, experimental and applied investigations conducted all around the world with an emphasis on the major results obtained at JINR.

We are glad to offer to your attention records of lectures presented at the Conference by JINR First Vice-Director Grigory Trubnikov, a well-known popularizer of science Sergei Popov, a specialist of the ATLAS experiment at the LHC (CERN) Rustem Ospanov, a researcher from the Russian Institute of Radiology and Agroecology Polina Volkova and Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR Valery Shvetsov.

G. V. Trubnikov “JINR’s strategic plan for long-term development”, 09.11.20

S. B. Popov “Life of neutron stars with evolving magnetic field”, 10.11.20

R. Ospanov “Higgs boson discovery and other selected results from LHC”, 11.11.20

P. Yu. Volkova “Omic technologies in radiation biology”, 12.11.20

V. N. Shvetsov “Neutron physics at JINR”, 13.11.20