Lectures, discussions, outdoor activities

Education, 21 August 2019

On 26 – 28 July, the 23rd Summer School for Young Scientists and Specialists “Lipnya-2019” organized by the JINR Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR was held at the tourist base on the island of Lipnya in the Ivankovo Reservoir. The traditional format of the conference is a scientific school.

As a rule, the thematic focus of the conference is on one of the priority areas of JINR research and this year JINR scientific achievements were discussed at the “Lipnya -2019”. JINR employees invited as lecturers presented reports on the current state and prospects of the Institute’s advanced research conducted at the basic facilities. In addition, discussions on the topics of lectures and a round table on issues of interest to young scientists and specialists were held. The school was attended by 43 young scientists and all JINR laboratories were presented at the conference.

Lectures directly related to achievements in physics were given by Vyacheslav Belov, Bair Shaibonov, Vratislav Chudoba, Artem Petrosyan, Dmitry Ponkin, and Alexandra Friesen. Dmitry Shirkov presented a lecture “The main reasons for contacting a special therapist and to avoid him” and the lecture of Anna Bogomolova was “How to stop learning English after all”. Both of these lectures were met with interest by the participants.

Being engaged in scientific activity, young scientists did not forget about outdoor activities. Participants played volleyball and football, fished, sunbathed, and, on Saturday evening, a barbecue party with music and dancing was organized. Among other things, participants noted the excellent refurbishing of rooms of the Tourist Base and wonderful job of the staff of the JINR Hotel & Restaurant Complex Management Office. In conclusion, we would like to thank the Organizing Committee for the well coordinated work, as well as the JINR Directorate for its full support.

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