Lipnya-2022: it is going to be interesting

News, 14 July 2022

From 15 to 17 July, the JINR Tourist Base “Lipnya” on the island in the Moscow Sea will be hosting the XXVI Summer Science School for Young Scientists and Specialists “Lipnya-2022” organized by the Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR. Young scientists, JINR specialists, as well as lecturers will participate in the School, about 65 people in total.

The Saturday round table “Development of JINR social infrastructure and the urban environment to attract and retain young scientists and specialists in Dubna” will be the key event of the School with the participation of members of the JINR Directorate, JINR administrative staff and scientists, as well as representatives of the administration of the Dubna City District. “We will ask officials questions about the infrastructure of the city and youth welfare. We will talk about what plans and opportunities we have. We would like to present proposals from AYSS and youth to improve the infrastructure,” Konstantin Khramko, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the School, commented. He added that for the first time the JINR Director had visited the School on Lipnya last year, and it had been a pleasant and significant event for young scientists.

“On Friday, we are having two lectures on public relations by the Press Secretary of the Institute Natalia Zaikina and the Head of the Social Communication Group of UC JINR Anastasia Susсhevich. They will tell us how to properly build communication so that people who are far from science understand us better, so that we interact with them better,” the co-chairman of the organizing committee said.

Saturday, 16 July, was proclaimed the Day of Basic Science at Lipnya to commemorate the recent official opening of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development at UNESCO. Scientific lectures of the day will focus on the search for quark-gluon plasma and the MPD/NICA project, applied research on heavy ion beams in FLNR, the status and problems of the Standard Model. There will be a meeting of young staff members with the DLNP JINR veteran Georgy Chelkov, who will tell about his path in the profession. Another round table will also be held on Saturday to create a modern platform for youth events on the basis of the JINR Cultural Centre “Mir”, at which the Director of the Cultural Centre Eleonora Yamaleeva will speak.

On Sunday, 17 July, the scientific programme of the School will be completed by parallel lectures: one of them will focus on ethics of business correspondence in English. “We are an international organization and work in English at JINR. English is like a second native language,” Konstantin Khramko emphasised the importance of the lecture. “The second parallel section will be about machine learning. Machine learning is a promising technique for collecting and processing experimental data,” he noted.

Serious events at Lipnya will alternate with cultural and entertainment events: a quiz, yoga, a team-building workshop, workshops on SUP-boarding and fishing (for the most persistent) are provided. As well as sports and board games, guitar songs, barbecue, and meeting new people.