Literature exhibition in JINR Science and Technology Library

News, 08 February 2023

From 8 to 22 February, the JINR Science and Technology Library invites visitors to a literature exhibition dedicated to the Day of Science.

This year, the exhibition is devoted to the 120th anniversary of two great scientists, academicians, whose creative paths are closely intertwined and linked by a common goal of serving science, the creation of the nuclear shield of Russia. They are Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov (12.01.1903 — 7.02.1960) and Anatoly Petrovich Alexandrov (13.02.1903 — 3.02.1994).

The exhibition presents collections of scientific papers, selected proceedings, books and collections with memories of scientists, engineers, prominent figures of the location country of JINR about the life and work of Igor Kurchatov and Anatoly Alexandrov. Their names are inextricably linked with Laboratory No. 2, the Institute of Atomic Energy (now the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”), the Soviet atomic project, the formation of nuclear energy in Russia, the development and testing of the atomic bomb. Most of the literature presented is devoted to these topics.