Meeting of JINR-Mexico Joint Coordination Committee

News, 25 October 2023

On 17 October, an expanded meeting of the JINR-Mexico Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) took place in a hybrid format at CONAHCyT, the National Council of Humanities, Science and Technologies of Mexico. At the meeting, the parties considered and discussed fields of future cooperation and prospects for its development.

During the JCC meeting, the members of the Committee heard reports delivered by representatives of universities and research centres of Mexico and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, which were focused on promising areas for the JINR-Mexico cooperation development.

JINR Vice-Director and Co-Chairperson of the Committee Vladimir Kekelidze headed the JINR delegation. He commented on the results in this way, “At the meeting, speakers delivered scientific reports both on already ongoing joint projects and potentially new fields of our cooperation. The presence of the CONAHCyT Deputy Director General at the meeting shows great interest of the agency in cooperation with JINR. We expect CONAHCyT to provide significant resources for this cooperation starting in 2024.”

Following the meeting, the JCC members identified five projects as the basis for the JINR – Mexico cooperation development. Topics of the projects cover high-energy physics, materials science, radiation and radiochemical research, radiobiology, nuclear physics, and accelerator technologies. The projects involve mutual visits and include opportunities for students and young scientists.

The JCC meeting was organized within the implementation of the Joint Declaration of Intent between the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONAHCyT) and JINR signed at the meeting of the JINR Scientific Council in February 2023. The parties started working on the development of joint projects at the first JCC meeting held on 30 May this year in Mexico.