Meeting of Methodology Club


A kick-off meeting of the Methodology Club is planned for 10 December, at 6 PM on the Zoom platform. The Methodology Club will continue the tradition of methodological seminars held in scientific organizations in previous years cooperating and coordinating their activities with the RAS Philosophy Institute. However, this time the quality will be quite different and the events will be organized with respect to modern world tendencies.

The goal of the Club is to discuss logics, ways for science development, and its philosophical underpinnings with respect to open discussion with every interested participant. We are going to learn about key names and directions of modern philosophy of science and technology thus contributing to preparations for meeting minimum requirements in history and philosophy of science for the Candidate degree although such a preparation is not the ultimate objective of the Club. We are going to discuss various realms of natural sciences, from biology to physics and engineering. However, we will start the first meeting of the Club with the key scientific paper on the philosophy of modern high energy physics. The analysis of it concluded the lecture course on the philosophy of scientific experiments provided in 2018 by the UC JINR.

To be ready for discussion, participants are offered to read the research mentioned above and answer three questions :

  1. What new terms have you found in the article?
  2. What did not you understand and you would like to clarify?
  3. What thoughts and associations with your own research has this article evoked?

Everyone willing to take part in the Club, as well as for any inquiries, should write to up to 23:59 Moscow time, 9 December 2020. After that, you will receive a link to the Zoom seminar.