“Mendeleev readings” in JINR Museum

News, 11 May 2021

In April, the Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR successfully continued the annual educational tradition of the “Mendeleev readings”. It was the 7th time the Museum hosted the scientific and practical conference for Dubna schoolchildren. This year, organizers dedicated the event to the 65th anniversary of our Institute. And this is significant for such a science city as Dubna. After all, the main task of such conferences is to help junior and middle school children expand their horizons and inculcate in them a taste for scientific research. So it was this year.

The readings had two stages (on 18 and 25 April). There were 11 engaging speeches. Participants were aged from 8 to 15! Students made reports on biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, and mathematics. A wide thematic range impressed: “Aquarium”, “Plant growing system”, “Qualitative proof of pores in plastic”, “Telegraph”, “Our home”, “How bacteria changed our planet”, “Can matter paint?”, “Pi number”, “Cat rainbow”, “Flower palette”, and “Stamps to fit any taste”.

Some of the speakers were not newcomers in our lecture hall. But for some participants, it was a trial by fire. Many participants did not limit to the usual photo and video format: they demonstrated very original experiments. All the reports evoked vivid interest among the young audience, and speakers were asked numerous questions. This is how a thoughtful attitude to the surrounding world is brought up.

This year, the predominance of biological and environmental reports was noteworthy. It is not a coincidence. We live in an era when relations between man and nature has become very far from harmony.

Both stages of the readings were concluded with intellectual brain rings, which were also devoted to ecology and biology. Students answered most of the questions correctly. The camera of the photographer I. Lapenko captured the sporting excitement of young participants. He managed to stop a few wonderful moments! In general, the “Mendeleev readings” in the Museum turned into a real holiday of knowledge. It was bright, extraordinary, memorable.

All speakers of “Mendeleev readings” received diplomas and memorable prizes from JINR.