Model dynamics of IBR-2M with temperature and power feedback effects

Publications, 21 October 2019

We are glad to bring to your attention a new preprint «Model Dynamics of the IBR-2M Pulsed Reactor with Temperature and Power Fast Feedback Effects» P13-2019-42 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Pepelyshev Yu. N., Popov A. K., Sumkhuu D.


The earlier established model of dynamics of the IBR-2M pulsed reactor of periodic operation includes feedback, which, due to the complexity of the description of processes in the core, was presented in a purely mathematical, but not physical way. The paper considers a dynamics model with a dedicated temperature feedback formed by the average temperatures of the fuel and coolant. It is shown that in this case the feedback reactivity cannot be described only by these components. Therefore, power feedback (the dependence of feedback reactivity on power) was also introduced in the model. The model uses discrete transfer functions that reflect the dynamics of pulsed processes in the reactor. Feedback parameters were estimated experimentally. The model can be used to describe changes in the energy of pulses in a wide dynamic range.