Modified Chromatographic Separation of a Sum of Spallation Lanthanides

Publications, 19 August 2019

We are glad to bring to your attention a preprint «Modified Chromatographic Separation of a Sum of Spallation Lanthanides» E6-2019-11 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Marinov G. et al.


The elements of the lanthanide (Ln) row being in the transitional region of nuclear deformation are of great scientific interest. Since the 1960s, the Ln series has been researched and methods for the separation of these elements have been developed. One of the most successful separation methods has been developed by N. A. Lebedev at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) for the accelerated separation of spallation lanthanides from irradiated Ta target at 660 MeV. The products from such targets are used in scientific research, medical therapy and diagnostics. Nowadays, the need is for Ln radioisotopes with longer half-lives. Thus, the method developed by N. A. Lebedev is reevaluated and modified: the UTEVA column is added, facilitating the purification from Hf and Zr isotopes used in different scientific research. The further separation of individual Ln is carried out with the use of Aminex A6 resin and a mixture (MIX-α-HIB) of ammonium α-hydroxyisobutirate (NH4-α-HIB) with α-hydroxyisobutiric acid (α-HIBA) (with regulated pH). The obtained elementally pure fractions were further used in γγ-TDPAC measurement of ferrites and tungstates.