NA62 International Collaboration Meeting

Conferences, 19 August 2016

The NA62 International Collaboration Meeting will be held in the VBLHEP on 22–27 August 2016. The meeting is held annually in one of 32 institutions, representing 12 countries participating in the collaboration. More than 60 experts will attend the meeting in Dubna; they will discuss the most pressing issues faced by the collaboration, will outline plans for its activities in the short and medium term. One day of the workshop is set for meeting of the Steering Committee of the collaboration; topics of the discussion are issues of improvement of rules and procedures of collaboration work and personnel issues. In addition, a report on capitalization and spending of the general fund will be made and decisions on important purchases of equipment to increase efficiency of work will be adopted.

The meeting will be chaired by A. Ceccucci – NA62 collaboration spokesman and member of the JINR PAC for Particle Physics, and V.D. Kekelidze – spokesman of the NA48/2 collaboration, VBLHEP Director. The meeting will be attended by Deputy Head of the CERN physical Department F. Hahn, technical coordinator of the experiment and leader of straw detector project H. Danielsson, leaders of the main detector and physical groups of the collaboration.