National holiday of Mongolia

Organization, 11 July 2021

On 11 July, Mongolia, a Member State of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, celebrates Naadam, the main and revered national holiday of the country.

Mongolia has been a JINR Member State since its foundation. For more than half a century, Mongolian scientists have been successfully taking part in JINR activities. Nowadays, collaboration continues on a range of subjects in all fields of JINR activities, including the educational programme.

Naadam holiday is dedicated to the anniversary of the National Democratic Revolution, which was accomplished in 1921 and put the beginning of a new historical epoch in the development of the Mongolian State. According to a centuries-old tradition, Mongolian people celebrate these festive days with wide participation in popular sports – wrestling, horse racing and archery.

JINR Directorate congratulates Mongolian colleagues on the national holiday of Naadam and wishes them and their families good health, happiness, and fruitful work at the multinational Institute for the benefit of science and progress!