“NAUKA 0+”: seminar for school children, students and teachers

News, 24 September 2020

The thematic week “Nuclear Physics” organized at the Samara site of XV All-Russian Scientific Festival «NAUKA 0+» is coming to its end. The Joint Institute is an official representative of the events of this week, and today, the main one will be a scientific and methodological seminar for school children, students and physics teachers.

What is in store for us in today’s broadcast?

  1. Presentation of programmes for for school children, students and physics teachers on the basis of the JINR University Cenre. Speaker: Elena Gennadievna Karpova, a UC engineer, the coordinator of programmes.
  2. Aid to physics teachers: presentation of printed materials about modern physics and technology. Authors of textbooks are JINR researchers. Speaker: Victoria Vladimirovna Belaga (one of the authors of a textbook).
  3. Career track. Teleconference with graduates of Samara University working at JINR.

Join the event and invite your friends!

JINR at the Festival “NAUKA 0+” in Samara. Day 4