Neutrino Physics School in Prague

News, 16 August 2017

The 7th International Pontecorvo Neutrino Physics School will be held on 20 August – 1 September 2017 in the conference center of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The School continues the tradition of the Pontecorvo Neutrino Physics Schools which were held in Dubna, Alushta and Horný Smokovec in 1998, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2015.

The programme of the 7th Pontecorvo Neutrino Physics School will cover cover modern topics of neutrino physics including neutrino experiments, phenomenology and theory. The purpose of the School is to review the present status of experimental and theoretical neutrino physics. In total the School will accept about 70 participants including 20 lecturers, 50 PhD students and young scientists with a strong neutrino physics research background and interests.

Active participation of students and young scientists is a feature of these Schools. Tutorials, exercises, and questions and answers sessions are organized for this purpose. Young participants are encouraged to bring posters presenting their research work. The posters session and brief presentations by students and young scientists will be also organized in the frames of the School.

Topics of the School:

  • Theory of neutrino mixing and masses
  • Solar, atmospheric, reactor and geo neutrino experiments
  • Direct neutrino mass measurements
  • Neutrinoless double-beta decay (theory and experiment)
  • Neutrino-nucleus interactions
  • Sterile neutrinos
  • Neutrino cosmology and astronomy
  • Dark matter
  • Leptogenesis and Baryogenesis
  • Gravitational waves
  • Statistics for nuclear and particle physics

The School is organized by: