New article by JINR scientists in Physical Review C journal

Publications, 14 June 2022

The article by staff members of the Joint Institute examines the description of the low-lying energy levels of the chain of Zr isotopes.

A new scientific paper by Rostislav Jolos, Elena Kolganova, Timur Shneidman, and Evgeny Mardyban deals with the evolution of the collective potential along the chain of Zr isotopes. Besides, it is shown that their low-energy structure can be described in a satisfactory way within the geometrical collective model with the Bohr Hamiltonian.

In the latest experimental data on Zr, such a physical phenomenon as the coexistence of forms was discovered: the possibility of the nucleus to take different forms with an increase in the number of nucleons or the excitation energy. This phenomenon is closely related to phase transitions in nuclei as well. Currently, many areas of the chart of nuclides are known in which the coexistence of forms occurs. The popularity of this phenomenon increases with the possibility of experimental study of nuclei away from the stability line. Many articles and reviews focus on this phenomenon.

The article was written in collaboration with the Department of Nuclear Physics and the Department of Fundamental Problems of Microworld Physics of the Dubna State University and Kazan Federal University.