New equipment expands JINR publishing capabilities

Media, 10 August 2023

A set of new post-printing equipment was installed in the Publishing Department of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Together with the already used technology, it will allow the Publishing Department to print hardcover books in the future.

The set includes casing-in and bookcase making machines, as well as a book forming and pressing machine. One of the largest manufacturers of equipment for printing houses in China, Maufung Machinery, produced the new equipment. By the way, the speed of a semi-automatic casing-in machine can reach 600 books per hour (10 books per minute).

Bookbinders of the Publishing Department will have to master new techniques, as well as study some technological operations that were not used in the department before, namely special processing of the book block, end papering, etc.

“We are really glad that we have this equipment now. Every year the Publishing Department produces more and more monographs, collections of articles. Almost always authors would like to print hardcover books. However, we did not have the technical capability for this, and the books were published in a soft cover. For some customers, this issue was fundamental, and they had to look for another place of publication. For example, the Publishing Department was engaged in the editing and creation of the original layout of the diaries of Dmitry Blokhintsev that were printed in a third-party printing house, where it was possible to make a hardcover book. Now we have such an opportunity,” Head of the JINR Publishing Department Anastasia Shabashova said.

In order to start the production of hardcover books, the Publishing Department now has all the necessary equipment, including a digital printing system, glue binding, paper-cutter and thread book sewing machines installed in it earlier.