New JINR STC membership was approved

Organization, 24 May 2018

According to the order of JINR Director V.A. Matveev #342 “On membership of JINR STC” of 23 May 2018, the list of participants of the JINR Science and Technology Council was approved and commendation was issued to the JINR STC members of the previous convocation, namely A.V. Butenko (VBLHEP), A.D. Kovalenko (VBLHEP), A. Kovalik (DLNP), D.P. Kozlenko (FLNP), A.V. Kulikov (DLNP), V.A. Osipov (BLTP), Yu.A. Panebrattsev (VBLHEP), E.M. Syresin (DLNP), and V.I. Furman (FLNP).

Membership of the JINR Science and Technology Council:

  1. Aksenov Victor Lazarevich, FLNP
  2. Balagurov Anatoly Mikhailovich, FLNP
  3. Bednyakov Vadim Alexandrovich, DLNP
  4. Brudanin Victor Borisovich, DLNP
  5. Dmitriev Sergey Nikolaevich, FLNR
  6. Frank Alexander Iliich, FLNP
  7. Filippov Alexander Tikhonovich, BLTP
  8. Gerdt Vladimir Petrovich, LIT
  9. Gikal Boris Nikolaevich, JINR Directorate
  10. Gulbekian Georgy Gerasimovich, FLNR
  11. Hnatič Mikhail, BLTP
  12. Itkis Mikhail Grigorievich, JINR Directorate
  13. Jolos Rostislav Vladimirovich, BLTP
  14. Kazakov Dmitry Igorevich, BLTP
  15. Kekelidze Vladimir Dimitrievich, VBLHEP
  16. Kolganova Elena Alexandrovna, BLTP
  17. Korenkov Vladimir Vasilievich, LIT
  18. Koshlan Igor Vladimirovich, LRB
  19. Krasavin Evgeny Alexandrovich, LRB
  20. Ladygin Vladimir Petrovich, VBLHEP
  21. Lednický Richard, JINR Directorate
  22. Lychagin Egor Valerievich, FLNP
  23. Matveev Victor Anatolievich, JINR Directorate
  24. Meshkov Igor Nikolaevich, Group of Advisor and Counsellors
  25. Naumov Dmirty Vadimovich, DLNP
  26. Nedelko Sergei Nikolaevich, BLTP
  27. Oganessian Yury Tsolakovich, FLNR
  28. Olshevsky Alexander Grigorievich, DLNP
  29. Pakuliak Stanislav Zdislavovich, UC JINR
  30. Peshekhonov Dmitry Vladimirovich, VBLHEP
  31. Popeko Andrey Georgievich, FLNR
  32. Potrebenikov Yury Konstantinovich, VBLHEP
  33. Poze Rudolf, LIT
  34. Russakovich Nikolay Artemievich, DLNP
  35. Savin Igor Alekseevich, VBLHEP
  36. Sidorchuk Sergey Ivanovich, FLNR
  37. Sidorin Anatoly Olegovich, VBLHEP
  38. Sharkov Boris Yurievich, JINR Directorate
  39. Shelkov Georgy Alexandrovich, DLNP
  40. Shirkov Grigory Dmitrievich, JINR Administration
  41. Shvetsov Valery Nikolaevich, FLNP
  42. Sorin Alexander Savelievich, JINR Directorate
  43. Strokovsky Evgeny Afanasievich, VBLHEP
  44. Trubnikov Grigory Vladimirovich, Group of Advisor and Counsellors
  45. Tsenov Rumen Vasilev, VBLHEP
  46. Utenkov Vladimir Klimentievich, FLNR
  47. Verkheev Alexander Yurievich, AYSS JINR
  48. Vinogradov Alexander Vitalievich, FLNP
  49. Voronov Victor Vasilievich, BLTP

The Science and Technology Council of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is a consultative body attached to the Directorate of the Institute and is called to ensure the participation of the scientific workers of the Institute in organizing its research activities.