New list of specialties for academic degrees award approved

News, 13 April 2021

Based on the recommendation of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), by order No.118 of 24 February 2021 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, a new nomenclature of scientific specialities has been approved for which academic degrees can be awarded. Drafting of the new edition of the nomenclature was held in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation as of 28 March 2020 No. Пр-589.

The scientific specialities were enlarged as a result of the development of the nomenclature. This was made in order for interdisciplinary studies to develop, as well as for updating of the names of scientific specialities. According to the presented final draft of the nomenclature, the number of groups of scientific specialities has decreased from 52 to 34 (-35%), and the number of other specialities has decreased from 430 to 351.

The composition of the nomenclature was supplemented by 21 new specialities that do not belong to the existing groups. According to scientific trends of recent years, the nomenclature now includes four new groups: computer sciences, biotechnology, subsurface use and mining sciences, cognitive sciences. Groups of specialities on theology, clinical medicine, construction and architecture each got one new discipline.

The introduction of the new nomenclature will provide an opportunity to prepare scientific papers with the further defence of an academic degree for the following specialities: age psychology, maxillofacial surgery, photonics, cybersecurity. Moreover, Russian science will have dissertations on artificial intelligence and machine learning, logistics transport systems, interdisciplinary language research.

It should be reminded that in 2017, the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1792-р granted JINR the right to independently award academic degrees.