News from Dubna Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom

Education, 06 November 2019

At the Olympiad in Dolgoprudny

On 26 October 2019, the First Olympiad named after P. L. Kapitsa on experimental physics was held in Dolgoprudny. 170 7-8 grade students took part in the competition who had achieved high results at the Municipal stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad and the Maxwell Olympiad. Organizers of the Kapitsa competition are MIPT and the Olympiad Centre of the Moscow Region.

Participants solved two experimental tasks: they were supposed to invent an experimental way to solve the problem, to carry out measurements accurately and to record the results of experiments properly.

We are glad to congratulate students of the Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom on becoming winners and prize holders of the Olympiad:

Winner: Taisia Zlotnikova (7 grade, Lyceum #6)

Prize holders: Vyacheslav Zhabitsky (7 grade, Lyceum #6), Ivan Voronuik (7 grade, School#9), Mikhail Kopach (8 grade, Lyceum #6), Svyatoslav Sharov (8 grade, Gymnasium #11).

We congratulate Irina G. Osipenkova, head of the “Experimental Physics” classroom, who trained young experimentalists.

Festive awarding ceremony will take place on 23 Novemebr at 11 AM in the Kapitsa Physics and Mathematics Lyceum.

    • Moscow regional tournament
      of young mathematicians – 2019

      On 1 – 2 November 2019, teams “Dubna – 105” and “7!!” took part in the first Moscow regional tournament of young mathematicians MRTYM, a team competition aimed to teach schoolchildren to work in teams, causing critical reasoning and stimulating interest to mathematics. More than 100 teams from all over the Moscow region took part in the Tournament. All teams were divided into three age groups: “League-5”, “League-6”, “League-7”.

      The tournament took two days: teams competed in three mathematics team competitions: “Domino”, “Penalty” and “Duel”. Players were supposed not only to solve mathematical tasks correctly but also do it faster than their rivals following a beneficial strategy. In the evening, the game “What? Where? When?” was held.

      The Dubna teams won silver prizes of their subgroups in the heated fight:

      “Dubna-105”: the team became the second one out of 28 participants in the “League-5” (Daria Razumnaya and Ilya Strizhenov (Lyceum #6), Dmitry Gomzin and Ilya Kostromin (Gymnasium #11)).

      Leader: Evgenia I. Zhabitskaya (Maths Classroom “Dubna”)

      “7!!”: the team won the second prize in the rival with 22 other participants in the “League-7”. Members of the team: Taisia Zlotnikova (Lyceum #6), Vyacheslav Zhabitsky (Lyceum #6), Varvara Prokhorova (School #7), Ivan Voronuik (School #9).

      Leader: Evgenia I. Zhabitskaya (Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom of Dubna).