News of partners: INP SB RAS will produce equipment for SKIF

News, 19 November 2020

The Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Branch of RAS (INP SB RAS) has signed a state contract on the production of technological equipment for the Centre for Collective Use “Siberian Circular Photon Source” (CCU “SKIF”). The Centre will be constructed in the science city of Koltsovo not far from Novosibirsk in the framework of the national project “Nauka”.

Director of the Institute of Nuclear Research SB RAS Pavel Logachev, RAS Academician Valery Bukhtiyarov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Nuclear Research SB RAS Evgeny Levichev took part in the signing ceremony of the state contract.

“The first agreement has been signed that will allow us to launch the full-fledged production of accelerating equipment of the Centre for Collective Use “SKIF”. It is a unique world-level machine,” INP SB RAS Director Pavel Logachev said at the press-conference organized on the occasion of the state contract signing.

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The CCU “SKIF” is a unique scientific mega-science facility that is being created in the frames of the national project “Nauka” for carrying out research at synchrotron radiation beams to acquire new knowledge about the structure and properties of matter on micro and nanolevels. The launch of scientific studies is scheduled for 2024.

According to Valery Bukhtiyarov, the total cost of the SKIF project is estimated at 37,1 billion rubles.

Based on information by Minobrnauki of Russia