News of the JINR Publishing Department

Publications, 20 January 2020

We are glad to propose you to get acquainted with the book “Comprehensive assessment of the ecological state of the town of Dubna” (Dubna: JINR, 2019. — 168 p.: ISBN 978-5-9530-0523-4) recently published by the JINR Publishing Department.

The monography presents the results of a comprehensive assessment of the ecological state of the components of the environment in Dubna. General characteristics of natural and climatic conditions, structural and functional zoning and the main factors of anthropogenic are presented. A large amount of actual monitoring data on superficial water, soil, vegetation, and snow cover was summarized. The territory of the town was rezoned according to the level of ecological well-being. The basic principles of modern waste management system in Dubna (separate collection of solid municipal waste; operation of a waste sorting complex; handling of mercury-containing and medical waste; biothermal composting of sewage sludge) were presented.

The book is aimed at a wide audience of specialists in the fields of ecology and natural resource use, the administration and residents of Dubna. The book was published in Russian.

The authors of the book are Kamanina I. Z., Kaplina S. P., Makarov O. A., Klikodueva N. A..

The printed version of the book is available in the JINR Science and Technology Library and the JINR Science and Technology Library.