Official JINR report on shutdown of power supply

Organization, 20 June 2019


on a situation with partial shutdown of power supply on 18 June 2019 in Dubna

With regard to the power outage in part of the city of Dubna and the subsequent water outage that occurred on 18 June 2019, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research reports the following.

At 3:12 PM on 18 June 2019, a short circuit on the electrical cable of the city electrical networks occurred at the electrical substation 110/10 kV № 620 “Sister” JINR, resulting in an electric arc which led to damage of the substation’s equipment, as well as the operation of the protection equipment and disconnection of the substation. The substation personnel immediately informed the JSC “Mosoblenergo” network company which is exploiting the cable on the emergency situation and the location of the damage.

The substation personnel immediately began to eliminate the consequences of the emergency situation, replacing the failed equipment and testing the substation. The main part of the time was spent on cleaning the substation’s equipment from carbon deposits caused by the short circuit. In parallel with the JINR employees, repair and reconstruction of the damaged cable was carried out by employees of the JSC “Mosoblenergo”.

Restoration of power supply of the city substations was started at 9:00 PM after repairs and testing of the equipment of the “Sister” substation and was completed at 10:25 PM. The connection of city facilities was conducted directly by the JSC “Mosoblenergo”.

The failed electric cable provided power to the pumping and filtering station supplying drinking water to the right Bank of the city, as well as a significant part of the sewage pumping stations of JINR. In that regard the water supply of the right Bank was interrupted and resumed at about 2:00 AM on 19 June 2019, after testing of the electrical equipment and launch of the start of the pumping and filtering station.

On behalf of the JINR Directorate, I express my gratitude for the selfless efforts of the JINR employees who took part in the elimination of the consequences of the emergency situation.

JINR Vice-Director M. G. Itkis