On 20 November, Mikhail Mishustin pays a working visit to Dubna

News, 20 November 2020

On 20 November, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation M. V. Mishustin will visit Dubna where he will inspect the operation and equipment of a new Federal Data Processing Centre of the Tax Service of Russia.

A meeting on the infrastructure and technological support of the social realm is planned in the Centre.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Chief of the Government Staff D. Yu. Grigorenko, deputies of Prime Minister T. A. Golikova and D. N. Chernyshenko, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Russia A. O. Kotyakov, Minister of Economic Development M. G. Reshetnikov will take part in the meeting.

Moreover, the programme of the trip includes a visit to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research on the basis of which a new accelerating complex “NICA” is being created. The Prime Minister will inspect the main elements of the complex and will take part in the launch of the Booster.

Furthermore, M. V. Mishustin will meet with representatives of the Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna.

Deputy Prime Minister D. N. Chernyshenko and Minister of Science and Higher Education V. N. Falkov will participate in the meeting.

Moreover, Minister of Finance A. G. Siluanov and Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation M. I. Shadaev will take part in the trip.

In 2011, the Government made a decision to establish data processing centres for the Ministry of Finance and its subordinate structures. Their goal is to form and process a single database of tax data for the entire country. Dubna and Gorodets were selected for the project. In 2015, the first stages of the data processing centres were put into operation. In 2020, the construction of the second stage was completed.

The most modern technological solutions ensure the information and physical security of the data centres. The monitoring and remote control system automatically controls and analyses more than 20 thousand parameters. The fault tolerance of the data processing centre keeps up to the TIER III level.

The new data centre will allow the Federal Tax Service of Russia to achieve a new level of quality of provided services. Thus, it will be used for the development of dashboards of analytical tools, the State information resource for accounting (financial) reporting, an analytical portal, a digital platform, and monitoring of national projects.

Source: government.ru