Online School “Dubna” was opened

Education, 20 September 2019

On 9 September 2019, the University “Dubna” launched a new project for online learning, the Online School “Dubna”, on IT and engineering and technical disciplines.

This year, the School provides 14 courses for 9-11 grade students for preparation to Olympiads and the unified Russian state exam on mathematics, physics, chemistry, IT, and programming.

The idea of online training of senior school-students emerged a year ago. By that time, the University organized numerous open events for schoolchildren, including programmes in the format of “scientific tourism” with excursions to scientific and technical enterprises of the city, lectures delivered by eminent teachers, workshops, scientific shows, experiments, engineering workshops delivered by students and postgraduates. School students from various cities, sometimes distant from Dubna, took part in these events. All such visits ended with one question: “Are there any courses for pre-entry training?” So, that was how the development of the online school for senior schoolchildren started.

The courses of the Online School “Dubna” have been developed by teachers with an extensive experience in preparing students to Olympiads and USE, outstanding professors able to teach students to think outside the box, researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research regularly participating in modern scientific experiments and witnessing scientific discoveries of world significance. JINR engineers developed a unique course, the engineering workshop.

Training in the Online School “Dubna” is organized in such a way as to allow students not only to study offered materials of the courses by themselves but also talk to teachers, take part in webinars, watch interviews with experts.

Source: University “Dubna”