Online school: International Relations in the IT Era

Education, 02 July 2020

The Institute of International Relations of NRNU MEPhI and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) invite senior students of undergraduate and graduate programmes to participate in the First International Online School “International Relations in the Information Technology Era”, which will be held this summer from 27 to 31 July 2020.

The lecture part of the school involves the participation of IT specialists and specialists in the field of International Relations, experts from the IAEA, CTBTO, the Russian International Affairs Council, the PIR Center, the Analytical centre ICISTE, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO). They are going to talk about the development of modern international relations in close interaction with information technology, namely the impact of informatization on foreign policy decision-making, methods of data collection and analysis in areas related to international activities, as well as e-diplomacy.

Participation in the school will be interesting not only for students, whose major is International Relations but also for students who study information technology and software development.

School participants will have a chance to take part in a Case Study, in which they will try to solve a problem that is directly related to international activities, applying the skills that they will acquire while participating in the workshops on data collection and analysis. At the workshops, participants will get acquainted with software libraries for working with modern data storage and data processing platforms. They will also be able to build a data analysis system using open sources.

Participation in the school will give an opportunity to understand the processes of different areas of international activity deeply and to develop hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills include collecting, processing, and analysing open information from the Internet with the use of Python programming language, Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine, Kibana visualisation platform, and various relevant software packages. The acquired skills allow automating routine tasks effectively, reducing the time spent on their implementation. It also makes it more convenient to prepare reports based on actual data obtained from reliable sources.

Time management skills, teamwork skills, the ability to work with large volumes of information, the ability to assert your position are those soft skills that the school can help the participants to develop.

These skills are necessary nowadays not only for a contemporary specialist in international relations but also for an analyst, manager in any business sphere.

We are waiting for you at the summer online school “International Relations in the Information Technology Era”!

The language of the school is English.

To register for the school please follow the link.