Patent for device for producing ultracold neutrons

Patents, 19 May 2023

The Innovations and Intellectual Property Department of JINR announces that on 20 March 2023, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received a patent for the invention “Device for producing ultracold neutrons”. The author of the work is Sergey Dolya.

JINR staff congratulates the author on receiving the patent for his invention!

More details about the invention

The invention relates to a device for producing ultracold neutrons, the operating principle of which is based on the control of particle beams by reflection from a moving mirror, and can be used to produce ultracold neutrons. Neutron reflectors are made in the form of a reciprocating mirror layered structure, which is a system of successive periodic structures with a decreasing spatial period in the direction deep into the structure from its surface. In one of the embodiments, the neutron reflector is configured to rotate around its axis and attached pivotally to the bracket located on the piston. Neutron reflectors can also have a parabolic reflective surface.
EFFECT: significant increase (by two orders of magnitude) in the temperature to which neutrons must be cooled in the moderator.

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