Patent received for mechanical neutron beam filter with the time focusing

Patents, 09 April 2021

The Licensing and Intellectual Property Department of JINR announces that on 29 March 2021, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received a patent for the invention “Mechanical neutron beam filter with the time focusing”. The authors of the work are Sadilov Valentin Victorovich, Bodnarchuk Victor Ivanovich.

JINR staff congratulates the authors on receiving the patent for their invention!

More details about the invention

FIELD: nuclear physics.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nuclear physics and namely to neutron beam formation with the help of a chopper. The mechanical neutron beam filter with the time focusing is a cylinder with the ability to rotate around its axis. Thin plates of neutron-absorbing material are attached to the outer walls of the cylinder. Individual channels formed by the plates made of neutron-absorbing material expand linearly along the cylinder axis along the direction of the beam at a certain angle to the cylinder axis. There is a layer of neutron absorbing material on the area of the cylinder surface where there are no channels. The thickness of the layer is greater than or equal to the height of the channels.
EFFECT: invention increases the resolution of the device and improves the quality of the acquired spectra

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