Physics Days in Dubna: results

Education, 08 June 2022

On 1 – 3 June 2022, the JINR University Centre, in cooperation with teachers of the Interschool Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom, the Kadyshevsky Lyceum, and Dubna University held the traditional Science Festival “Physics Days” in Dubna.

Over 150 guests of the Festival took part both in team scientific events and in workshops in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The Festival began with qualification games of the Natural Science Battle, a team game, where participants had to solve non-routine tasks in Natural Science, Maths, and IT. In the final, the winners were teams “Element 105” and “Dubna-8” consisting of 5-7-grade students from Lyceum No. 6 and the Kadyshevsky Lyceum.

Traditionally, a great interest was aroused by a workshop on how to hand-make and launch a rocket, which was given by the friends of the Festival from Moscow School No.1514.

For the first time within the framework of the event, an Open Experimental Olympiad in Physics was held for students in grades 7 and 8. The Olympiad was organized by teachers of the Kadyshevsky Lyceum I. Abramovich and A. Ilyin. The prize-winners of the Olympiad were the students of the Kadyshevsky Lyceum and Moscow School No.1514 Rodion Ulitin and Savely Suetin (1st prize), Alexander Gorbachev, Elizaveta Lobinina, and Alexei Chursin (2nd prize), Ilya Kostromin and Elizaveta Gardina (3rd prize).

Professors of Dubna University N. Polotnyanko and I. Fadeykina organized an exciting team game exercising logic, reasoning, and non-standard vision – the “PRO Chemistry” quiz. The winners were teams from the Boarding School for Girls of the RF Ministry of Defense (Moscow) and the Kadyshevsky Lyceum.

The Physics Days traditionally feature high school students demonstrating and commenting on science experiments for visitors. This time was not an exception. High school students, together with teachers, provided workshops in Biology and Physics. Festival visitors had an opportunity to learn about the main properties and functions of a living cell membrane, assemble an additive colour mixing setup, learn more about radiation and radiation doses, study the features of electricity generation, understand how an electromagnetic accelerator and an electromagnetic gun operate, as well as assemble pneumatic mail elements and see experiments with liquid nitrogen.

Volunteers and guests of the Festival got a chance to visit the exhibition “JINR Basic Facilities” and know more about the NICA complex.