Resonance Laser Separation of Nuclear Reaction Products

News, 08 December 2011

The International Workshop on “Resonance Laser Separation of Nuclear Reaction Products” was held on 6-7 December at Flerov Laboratory. Leading scientists in this field of research from Leuven, Jyvaskyla, GANIL, CERN, GSI, Mainz and iThemba took part in the Workshop.

Among other things the FLNR project on production and study of heavy neutron rich nuclei formed in multi-nucleon transfer reactions was discussed along with details of the corresponding setup for extraction of reaction products by means of their stopping in gas and subsequent resonance laser ionization. The project was undergone an examination by the experts and won their approval. The discussion on the details of the project has been initiated by the decisions of the JINR PAC on Nuclear Physics in June 2011. The detailed project will be considered at the forthcoming session of PAC in January 2012.