The representatives of NPT/NECSA (the RSA) visited JINR

News, 15 August 2011

On 12 August the representatives of NPT/NECSA (the RSA) – NTP Managing Director Paul van der Walt and DIPR Engineering Manager Corrie Ungerer visited JINR. The guests were accompanied by the OJSC NIKIET (Moscow) Design Manager of research and isotopic reactors Igor Tretyakov, Head of the Construction department  Ruslan Kuatbekov and Deputy Engineering Manager OJSC NIAEP (Nizhny Novgorod) Valery Sennoedov. The IBR – 2 reactor was mainly constructed by OJSC NIKIET which at present takes part in tendering for delivery of a specialized reactor for production of DIPR isotopes in NTP (NECSA).

The main aim of the RSA delegation visit was the acquaintance with the reactor IBR – 2 and after that they were welcomed at the JINR Directorate. On the JINR side were Deputy Engineering Manager G.V.Trubnicov, Deputy Chief Scientific Secretary D.V.Kamanin, IBR – 2 Engineering Manager A.V.Dolguikh, Neutron Activation Analysis and  Applied Research Sector Manager M.V.Frontasieva, Liaison Officer of the JINR-RSA Collaboration A. Yu.Belova.

According to Corrie Ungerer, the IBR – 2 reactor is of great interest for the RSA colleagues as it is a unique pulsed reactor and one of the best research reactors in the world for the moment. Moreover, it is now at the stage of energy activation after the profound modernization which was realized according to the OJSC NIKIET project on a tight timetable in four years only. In the course of the discussion both sides talked about the opening up possibilities for the development of NECSA-JINR cooperation, particularly in the organization of educational programmes and in the sphere of medical isotopes production research.