Successfully performed the 41st run at Nuclotron

News, 25 March 2010

From 25 Feb to 25 March 2010 was successfully performed run number 41 at Nuclotron. The results are the following:

1. Ions of Xe (A=124, Z=42) were succesfully generated at "KRION" ESIS, accelerated at linac LU-20, injected to the ring (~107 ions/pulse), accelerated up to 1.5 GeV/n (B = 10 kGs), and extracted with beam slow extraction system.

Physicists worked with heavy ion beam on the internal target and on the extracted beam for few days.

2. Magnetic field was succesfully increased up to 1.8T. Stable operation of the cryomagnetic system for several thousands of cycles at maximal field was demonstrated.

3. Deutron beam was accelerated with intensity 3*1010 ppc and given to physicists on internal target experiment for several days.