The target is to enhance cooperation

News, 13 January 2010

Dr. J.Achterberg – Head of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Representative Body in RF and G.N. Melnikova – member of DFG Representative Body – visited JINR on 12 January. The guests visited the  Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and had a meeting with JINR Directorate. JINR Vice-Director M.Itkis acquainted guests with the history of JINR foundation and development, the JINR basic facilities and the major directions of JINR scientific research. M.Itkis spoke about JINR cooperation with scientific research centers and universities in the world and in Germany, in particular.

Dr. I.Achterberg who took charge of the DFG Representative Body in RF in October 2009 visited JINR to refresh contacts of scientists of JINR and DFG, and to develop bilateral cooperation with the assistance of this community.

A.V.Ruzaev, D.V.Kamanin, A.G.Popeko took part in the meeting.