Representatives of the South African Republic at the Institute

News, 30 January 2009

On 20 January, Minister-Counsellor of the Science & Technology Department of the  South African Republic (SAR) Embassy in Moscow Dr. Neville Arendse and Technology Research Programme Manager Mr. Johan Eksteen visited JINR.

At the meeting with JINR representatives the guests noted the importance of the development of cooperation with JINR in such areas as nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and high performance computing. JINR was invited to take part in  the South Africa – Russia Workshop on these areas, which will be held in Cape Town on 18 — 20 February, 2009. Also another important issues were discussed at the meeting (the exploitation of JINR Computing  Infrastructure, the instruction of the South African specialists in Grid-technologies and the construction of the cyclotron in the South African Republic).

During their visit the South African guests were shown FLNR, LIT and the Special Economic Zone Dubna.