JINR Prizes for 2014

Grants, 10 March 2015

I. Theoretical Physics Research

First Prize

“Superconformal Indices and Dualities in Four-Dimensional Supersymmetric Field Theory”.
Authors: V. Spiridonov, G. Vartanov.

Second Prize

“Elaboration of Quantum Diffusion Approach for Describing Sub-Barrier Fusion of Nuclei”.
Authors: G. Adamian, N. Antonenko, V. Sargsyan, W. Scheid.

II. Experimental Physics Research

First Prizes

  1. «Study of CP Violation in Kaon Decays».
    Authors: E. Gudzovsky, V. Kekelidze, D. Madigozhin, Yu. Potrebenikov
  2. «Real-Time Measurement of Solar Neutrinos from the pp Reaction at Borexino».
    Authors: O. Smirnov, D. Korablev, K. Fomenko.

Second Prize

“Investigation of Mechanisms for pd and dd Reactions in Deuterides of Metals in the Region of Astrophysical Energies”.
Authors: V. Bystritsky, G. Dudkin, J. Huran, A. Kobzev, A. Krylov, V. Padalko, F. Penkov, Yu. Teleushev, M. Filipowicz, A. Philippov.

III. Physics Instruments and Methods

First Prize

“Photon Methods for Detection of Radiations”.
Author: Yu. Akimov.

Second Prizes

  1. «Production of Exotic 6He Ions by Bremsstrahlung of Electron Beam».
    Authors: A. Belov, S. Bogomolov, S. Dmitriev, S. Mitrofanov, G. Mishinsky, V. Zagrebaev, V. Zhemenik.
  2. «Development of Gas Detectors for Neutron Investigations».
    Authors: A. Belushkin, A. Bogzdel, V. Zhuravlev, F. Levchanovski, E. Litvinenko, V. Milkov, Ts. Panteleev, V. Prikhodko, A. Churakov, V. Shvetsov.

IV. Applied Physics Research

First Prize

“Experimental Complex for Radiation Resistance Research of Electronic Components at the Heavy-Ion Beams of FLNR Cyclotrons”.
Authors: V. Anashin, B. Gikal, G. Gulbekyan, I. Kalagin, N. Osipov, S. Pashchenko, V. Skuratov, Yu. Teterev, A. Fateev.

Second Prizes

  1. «High-Precision Laser Inclinometer».
    Authors: Ju. Budagov, M. Lyablin, G. Shirkov.
  2. «Neutron Diagnostics of Perspective Reactor Materials».
    Authors: A. Balagurov, G. Bokuchava, R. Vasin, I. Papushkin, V. Sumin.

V. Encouraging Prizes

  1. «Structure and Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles Produced by Bacteria Klebsiella oxytoca: Comprehensive Research and Experimental Validation of Biomedical Applications».
    Authors: M. Balasoiu, D. Soloviov, A. Rogachev, L. Anghel, O. Orelovich, L. Ishchenko, S. Stolyar, R. Iskhakov, Yu. Raikher.
  2. «Heritable γ- and Neutron-Induced DNA Alterations in the Structurally Different Drosophila melanogaster Genes and Prospects for the Assessment of Radiation Genetic Risks at the Molecular Level».
    Authors: I. Alexandrov, M. Alexandrova, K. Afanasyeva, S. Korablinova.
  3. «Superconducting Unclosed Shields for the Electron Cooling System of the NICA collider».
    Authors: N. Agapov, G. Dorofeev, V. Drobin, E. Kulikov, H. Malinowski, A. Smirnov, G. Trubnikov.

JINR prizes are awarded for outstanding experimental, methodological and applied research on JINR scientific themes. Research papers should correspond to the world science level and should be completed in the current year. Annually 11 people including a secretary are appointed as a jury by the JINR Directorate to consider presented research papers. The jury consists of representatives of the JINR Directorate and leading scientists. Decision on award of JINR prizes becomes operative after confirmation given by the JINR Scientific Council during its winter session.

  Regulation for JINR prizes (Rus)