At a meeting of the JINR Directorate

Organization, 15 October 2015

A regular meeting of the JINR Directorate was held on 8 October 2015; it reviewed the milestones of the 118th session of the JINR Scientific Council, implementation of the JINR budget in 2015 and set-up of the JINR budget in 2016.

JINR Director V.A.Matveev described the milestones of the 118th session of the JINR Scientific Council as positive, reflecting a confident progress of the JINR staff in implementing scientific plans and achieving the main objectives of the current Seven-Year Plan: the timely start-up of the modernized IBR-2 reactor, manufacture of the major components of the cyclotron DC-280, progress in upgrading of the Nuclotron-NICA complex, establishing of the Tier-1  data center at JINR, commissioning of the Dubna cluster of the "Baikal-GVD" facility and the first production of scientific data. V.A. Matveev also emphasized that the signing of a contract on civil construction at the NICA complex is an important step towards the timely implementation of the project. The speaker noted that efforts of the JINR Directorate on integration of the JINR research programme and JINR facilities in European and international landscape will help to promote and enrich international scientific cooperation.

G.V.Trubnikov informed the participants about implementation of the JINR budget in 2015. He noted that all countries fulfilled their financial obligations to 100 percent to the Institute except Russia. Currently, work is underway to reach an agreement on payment of the whole Russian membership fee. In the development of the theme V.V. Katrasev said the budget of 2015 partially was not implemented in JINR laboratories for various reasons. In this regard, the speaker appealed to leaders of laboratories to spend all the funds before the end of the year in the most effective way which means to implement with maximum efficiency for the remaining months the JINR budget which was approved by the CPP. V.A. Matveev, V.D. Kekelidze, S.N. Dmitriev spoke in debate on this issue.

G.V.Trubnikov spoke in detail about peculiarities of forming of the JINR budget in 2016, in particular, a draft of the budget that contains financial data from laboratories, and besides, a reserve for modernization of the engineering infrastructure. In addition, indexation of salaries, as well as incensement of payment for work of highly qualified specialists involved in major JINR projects was provided. Development of a new regulation of awarding of employees was planned.