International School in BLTP

Education, 31 August 2015

On August 16-21, 2015 the international school "Perspective methods of modern theoretical physics: the integrated and stochastic systems", was successfully held in JINR, Dubna. It was organized by the Bogoliubov Laboratory of theoretical physics, the University Center of JINR,  the Faculty of nuclear physics of the Prague state university within the DIAS–TH program.

Professor Cestmir Burdik who has initiated the School conduction, has been the Chairman of the Organizing committee for the third year. After one year Michal Hnatich,  Deputy Director of Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, Professor of Natural Sciences Faculty of University P.Y.Shafarik in Kosice, Slovakia, joined Professor Burdik as the Co-Chairman of the Organizing committee.

The schedule of the summer school included lectures, excursion to the basic accelerator, meetings with professors in a working and informal atmosphere.

Main objective of carrying out similar schools is introduction of modern methods of theoretical physics to students and graduate students. One of the most famous and strong lecturers arrived to Dubna, such as:

-Professor Juha Honkonen, Department of Military Technology, National Defense University of Helsinki, Finland;
-Mikhail Kompaniyets, Physics faculty, St. Petersburg State University;
-Yury Pismak, Physics faculty, St. Petersburg State University;
-Jan Smotlacha / Prague state technical university.

Along with the invited lecturers the audience of more than 40 people was addressed by scientists from JINR: Sergey Fedoruk, Jan Fuksa, Eugeny Ivanov, Anatoly Patrick.

Initially the school was carried out only for Czech students, but last year organizers managed to attract interest of the Slovak colleagues for the school. And by 2015 among universities which traditionally sent their students to Dubna, there were: Pavel Josef Schafarik’s University and Technical university in Kosice, Institute of experimental physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kamensky University, Technical, Physical and Electro-Technical institutes in Bratislava. Young physics from Institute of friendship people/Moscow, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, and also students from Armenia joined  young scientists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Only in three years the number of attendees grew from 15 people to 50 people. This fact proves the increasing interest of JINR member states in carrying out similar international educational activities. As the strategic objective of organizers is JINR to become an international educational center for young physicists-theorists of all countries concentrating on science, but first of all, of course, the involvement of colleagues from JINR member states in the closest future.

The organizing committee expresses gratitude to JINR professors for such a big contribution to the organization of the international school:
To Vladimir Osipov, Dmitry Kazakov, Alexey Isaev, Alexander Filippov.